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Lost NIE

The NIE certificate is a very important piece of paper that you´ll have to have at hand as it is your Spanish Identification number and you will need it constantly. If you misplaced your new NIE certificate and don´t remember the number, most likely you´ll be forced to request once again a NIE certificate. Requesting for the second time the certificate and getting the number (it will be the same number as it is yours for life) should take less time as the number has already been previously issued and the police just needs to run a search in their database and they´ll retrieve it. If a search has been done and doesn´t return any results with your name, another NIE certificate will need to be issued. If by luck you happen to remember the number or keep a photocopy of the original certificate and you´ve been asked to produce this original document, as you already know the NIE number it will be easier to request a new certificate. It would show up straight away in the police database. Having the number will speed up the process and you´ll have your new certificate in no time. The administrative effort to request for the second time the certificate will be...

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NIE Barcelona

Barcelona has the vibrant and open disposition so typical of Spanish cities. It is the perfect city to unwind, walk around and appreciate everything it offers. The mother of many cultures, Barcelona has a captivating history and you can stroll through beautiful places like the Barrio Gótico and the Old Town Centre. The city of Barcelona holds a unique and distinctive architectural style influenced mainly by Antoni Gaudí’s work. Gaudí’s work was influenced mainly by the forms of nature and this is mirrored by the use of curved construction stones, bent iron sculptures, which are traits of Gaudí’s Barcelona architecture. Among his most famous architectural work we can find the Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá and Casa Vicens. Barcelona has a wonderful Mediterranean climate (it´s annual average temperature during the day is 20 °C). The city´s geographical location with it´s golden sandy beaches makes it very attractive to tourists. Barcelona´s international airport (El Prat de Llobregat which receives more than 30 million visitors a year) offers a plethora of budget and direct flights within Europe and many cities in the world. The Catalan city offers a stress-free way of life, contemporary culture throughout the year and spectacular cuisine, so if you want to relocate to this...

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NIE Madrid

Madrid is the 3rd biggest city in Europe, its central location in Spain and the diversity of the weather attracts tourists all year round. Madrid is considered Europe´s party town! It has a diverse and busy cultural agenda and boasts a plethora of concerts, events, festivals and shows for all ages and tastes. The Prado Museum is one the most highly regarded museums in the world! The galleries inside the museum are packed with art from the most prestigious artists. On display are masterpieces from Murillo, Ribera, El Greco, Velasquez, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Titian, Tintoretto, Raphael, Van der Weyden among many others famous artists. Different exhibitions are shown all year round. If Museums are not your cup of tea you can always visit El Rastro. El Rastro dates back to medieval times and it´s Madrid’s most popular flee market. At this market a diversity of items can be found, from the most antique to the most modern. To get the best of this fantastic place just wonder around the streets of the market, haggle a bit and get the full experience we guarantee you… You´ll love it! Many well known internationally operating companies have offices in Madrid optimizing working opportunities. Madrid is relatively cheap from a cost of living point...

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