NIE Spain

What is it? Why do I need it? Where can I get it?

The Spanish administration assigns any foreigner, resident or not, with a unique fiscal identification number when they have interests in Spain or planning to undertake one of a particular set of actions in Spain.

This number or NIE is then used for virtually everything you need identification for. You’ll need it to buy a house in Spain, to start your own business, to be a director of a Spanish company, to enroll in a course at a Spanish university, to become a Spanish resident, etc.

Applying for a NIE can be done either in Spain or from the Spanish consulate closest to your place of residence. You’ll need to fill out the supplication form with all your personal information and provide a reason for your application. It will most likely be necessary to provide additional documentation supporting your application apart from the very minimum which is a photocopy of your current passport.

Wherever you submit the application, it will ultimately be processed by the police department in Madrid that holds the responsibility to issue the NIE’s. This means that some time will pass between submitting your application and your NIE being issued.

When your NIE is issued you will receive a confirmation letter stating your NIE. You want to take a copy of this and keep it safe because trying to get hold of a duplicate from the Spanish authorities can be a time consuming affair.

Should you decide to apply for your NIE from Spain, bear in mind that you need to be legally in Spain to do so. For EU nationals just producing your passport documents works, but non-EU nationals will need a document informing that they are staying in Spain legally by showing their visa or whatever other authorization document that is relevant.
Do make sure you have some time available to apply, because waiting in line is a inevitable part of the process.

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