Apply for your NIE

Complete the NIE application form with your personal details, such as your name, surname, date of birth, nationality and reason to apply for the NIE number. Once we receive your application our attorneys will be sending you a personalized Power of Attorney, ready to be notarized by your notary and Legalized to be valid in Spain.


Send us the POA

After the Power of Attorney has been Notarized and Legalized by your Notary you can send it to our office. We will apply on your behalf. We make sure you will receive your NIE Number by Post in the agreed time. You can select the postage service, either Standard Mail (Correos) or UPS / Fedex, thus reducing the delivery time even more.


Receive your NIE

Whether you selected any of our services such as the Standard, Plus or Priority Service, we pride ourselves with our Fast and Efficient response to our clients needs. They receive clear communication and frequent updates about their NIE Application Process. All our deliveries have tracking number and our clients can be aware on their document´s current location.

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Fast Delivery

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Fast Delivery

Plans & Pricing

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  • Get in 2 weeks
  • Delivered by Correos
  • Draft of POA
  • Scanned copy by email
  • Telephone assistance
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  • Get in 5 business days
  • Delivered by Correos
  • Draft of POA
  • Scanned copy by email
  • Telephone assistance
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  • Get in 3 business days
  • Delivered by Correos
  • Draft of POA
  • Scanned copy by email
  • Telephone assistance
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NIE Number Online

When relocating to Spain, there are important things to consider. There is the obvious starting point of finding a suitable place to live, but most people do worry about administrative unknowns and southern european countries don't have a reputation for making the paperwork a doddle. Searching the internet for information, you will encounter a plethora of relevant sites that will offer a wealth of advice for would-be expats and the importance of getting a NIE number will always get a mention. But do you really need this mysterious number?

To put things in plain English: anybody who's going to Spain in any other capacity than as a tourist WILL need a NIE number. Everyday life is very complicated in Spain without the NIE number. It's used for absolutely everything: from getting a mobile phone to hooking up the water and electricity supply, even the postman will ask you for your NIE when delivering you registered post.

These days a growing number of people have taken up the habit of doing virtually everything online, so you are quite forgiven for being hopeful that you can apply for a NIE online too. However, as the application involves an identity check of the person applying, the spanish administration regretfully cannot offer that option. One convenient option that has been made available by a recent procedural change is to have a representative applying on your behalf and immigration lawyers can be of service for this. In order to do so, they will require a Power of attorney from the applicant.

We offer a swift and straightforward NIE Number Online Service. All that's required is completing our web form and upon receipt of your information, we will draft up a power of attorney and email it back to you. You then must take these papers to be legalized and notarized by the notary of your choice and return them to us by post as soon as possible. As soon as your NIE is released, we'll scan the certificate and email it as well as posting the original document to you that very same day. The NIE document will be delivered to your postal address in 10 days from applying. A fast and hassle-free service without any travel required.

News & Updates

Keep updated about NIE and Immigration News

Lost NIE

The NIE certificate is a very important piece of paper that you'll have to have at hand as it is your Spanish Identification number and you will need it constantly. If you misplaced your new NIE certificate and don't remember the number, most likely you'll be forced...

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Barcelona has the vibrant and open disposition so typical of Spanish cities. It is the perfect city to unwind, walk around and appreciate everything it offers. The mother of many cultures, Barcelona has a captivating history and you can stroll through beautiful places like ....

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NIE Madrid

Madrid is the 3rd biggest city in Europe, its central location in Spain and the diversity of the weather attracts tourists all year round. Madrid is considered Europe´s party town! It has a diverse and busy cultural agenda and boasts a plethora of concerts....

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Constant Updates

Thank you so much for your help with NIE applications and work permits. Thanks to your clear communication and frequent updates I’ve been able to time the transfer of 2 key employees to my Spanish company in such a way to keep downtime and costs contained to an absolute minimum.

March 2012


Thank You very much for Your great service!

For sure I’ll recommend You to my friends in future.

Have good day 😄


Michal M.

February 2024


Thank you for the swift processing of my NIE number certificate. I appreciate your efficient service.

Frederic M.

February 2024

Prompt Service

My NIE just arrived in the post! Thank you so much for your assistance! I would have never believed getting a NIE could be done in just 2 weeks. Of course, with the numerous update emails I received, I was always aware things were progressing exactly as you initially laid it out to me. It was very reassuring to know that the matter was in competent hands and therefore I could concentrate on agreeing final details with my new employer in Spain.
Thanks to your prompt service I can start working in Spain without any further delay.
I’m so relieved everything got sorted in time with minimal hassle, thank you!

Dec 2012

Efficient and Communicative

When we started property hunting in Spain over a year ago, it quickly became clear to us that we’d need a knowledgeable professional to turn to regarding inheritance tax, NIE numbers and everything else involved in Spanish conveyance. We found your company searching on the internet and having gone through the home buying process with you we couldn’t be happier that we took the plunge to use your services.
You are so efficient and communicative that we never felt doubts, any question we had was promptly answered, NIE numbers were sorted out in the blink of an eye.
The whole process was so smooth that we cannot help but recommend you to any potential property buyer in Spain.
Thanks again,

Emily & Dan,
May 2013

We know time is money and we do things right