NIE Barcelona

Barcelona has the vibrant and open disposition so typical of Spanish cities. It is the perfect city to unwind, walk around and appreciate everything it offers. The mother of many cultures, Barcelona has a captivating history and you can stroll through beautiful places like the Barrio Gótico and the Old Town Centre.

The city of Barcelona holds a unique and distinctive architectural style influenced mainly by Antoni Gaudí’s work.
Gaudí’s work was influenced mainly by the forms of nature and this is mirrored by the use of curved construction
stones, bent iron sculptures, which are traits of Gaudí’s Barcelona architecture. Among his most famous architectural work we can find the Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá and Casa Vicens.

Barcelona has a wonderful Mediterranean climate (it´s annual average temperature during the day is 20 °C). The city´s geographical location with it´s golden sandy beaches makes it very attractive to tourists. Barcelona´s international airport (El Prat de Llobregat which receives more than 30 million visitors a year) offers a plethora of budget and direct flights within Europe and many cities in the world.

The Catalan city offers a stress-free way of life, contemporary culture throughout the year and spectacular cuisine, so if you want to relocate to this beautiful city you can enjoy the best of what the Mediterranean can offer.

However, before relocating it would be wise to plan upfront, so the move to this beautiful cosmopolitan city runs as smoothly and as relaxed as possible. One of the most important documents you have to apply for when thinking to relocate is the NIE, which is a tax identification number in Spain. This number is essential for your day to day life in Spain and it is required if you need to find a job, buy a car, get a mobile phone.. etc.

If you don´t speak Spanish nor Catalan, dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy can be a bit cumbersome. Part of the process for getting the NIE involves visiting your local police station. The process varies between police stations and in some of them you are given an appointment for following week or month then you´ll have to collect the document a few days later, this means you´ll have to visit the police station quite a few times in order to get your NIE.

We offer an online service to help you obtain your NIE number, we will apply in your behalf and within two weeks you´ll have your NIE number in your home address.