Lost NIE

The NIE certificate is a very important piece of paper that you´ll have to have at hand as it is your Spanish Identification number and you will need it constantly. If you misplaced your new NIE certificate and don´t remember the number, most likely you´ll be forced to request once again a NIE certificate. Requesting for the second time the certificate and getting the number (it will be the same number as it is yours for life) should take less time as the number has already been previously issued and the police just needs to run a search in their database and they´ll retrieve it. If a search has been done and doesn´t return any results with your name, another NIE certificate will need to be issued.

If by luck you happen to remember the number or keep a photocopy of the original certificate and you´ve been asked to produce this original document, as you already know the NIE number it will be easier to request a new certificate. It would show up straight away in the police database. Having the number will speed up the process and you´ll have your new certificate in no time. The administrative effort to request for the second time the certificate will be the same as when you applied for it the first time and the fees to pay will be also the same.

You can request your NIE number in your local Spanish Police station and is essential when purchasing or selling a property, buying or selling a car and many more cases when taxes are involved.

Been requested to provide the original NIE and you have misplaced it?

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